Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Beauty of Kenya

Africa is a mid-blowing treasure chest of vast stretches of protected wilderness areas, with incomparable bird life, and countless animals roaming free- including the famed ‘big five’. Visitors on an African safari escape completely from their world , into this unimaginable one , where day is an adventure. You may experience anything like the overwhelming emotional experience of an African safari. If you have been before, you know it is as the thrill of a new romance. If you come for the first time, you will feel its intoxicating effect- all your yesterday fad away and all that matters is now.

Kenya Safari
It’s so much more than a mere wildlife adventure; it’s a journey of self discovery .in your luxurious accommodation or in rustic simplicity, in the untamed heart of Africa, no two moments are the same: a thrilling encounter with wild dogs, the indescribable excitement of watching lions or cheetah cubs at play, the inner serenity of the vast landscape, the mesmerizing heart of a roaring log fire.Africa has countless protected wilderness areas; here the big five and the multitude of smaller creatures roam free. For bird watchers, welcome to a paradise! where each new day , each new era, promises something unexpected and previously unknown  in the cycle of seasons, with huge wildlife migrations ,with ever changing scenery and infinity varied ecosystems. In south of Africa alone, the safari destinations are plentiful and diverse almost beyond your dreams.

Kenya safaris holiday offers a wide range of destinations, with a choice of accommodation and experience to meet every request. Imagine an intimate single reserve with world class accommodation, private plunge pools and cordon bleu dining. Imagine the more rustic, value-for –money tented or self drive adventure. Imagine everything in between. Whichever you choose, each new day starts with expectations of a thrilling game drive, and in most cases ends in a dramatic night drive to increase the chances of seeing a cat family a work.
What is Kenya safaris holiday? It can be anything you choose to make. Combine different elements if you choose, from Sweetwater’s or Lake Bogoria - to vast plains masai mara –anything is possible.