Saturday, 18 August 2012

Kenya Safari

Unlike any other destination on earth, Kenya is the essence of diversity. It is here that can you find the ‘safari capital of the world’, and some of the finest beaches on the Indian ocean; where you can enjoy the entire spectrum of luxury hotels, tented safari camps, Indian ocean resorts and Eco lodges. Here too, where you can be surely you will encounter a firmly established tourism infrastructure and one of the most welcoming people in the world. Unlike anywhere in the planet, in Kenya you will find savagely beautiful wilderness and ethereally snow-capped peaks: crater studded valleys and wildlife –teeming plains; flamingo frosted lake and tropical rainforests. 

Maasi mara
The last true Eden Kenya is home to the longest rift in the earths crust and its youngest volcanoes; riotous blooms and parched bush; superb birds and awesome unique butterfly. Kenya is the only land in which you can visit the ‘cradle of mankind’, sail a Swahili dhow past a 16th century Portuguese fort, and meet Masai warrior, his lifestyle unchanged since the dawn of time. The only destination that allows you to encounter over forty ethnic groups, speaking 80 different dialects .each wit its own distinctive heritage ,music, dance, art and costumes. 
The ultimate action venue only in Kenya can you find some of the finest championship golf courses in the world, and the most highly rated dive destinations. Only here can you climb Africa’s second highest mountain, fly balloon and trek on a camel in your Kenya Walking Safari. Only here too, can you find one of the most beautiful racecourses in the world, and some of its finest sea and fresh water fishing. And if all of that is not enough, you should know that Kenya excels in the delivery of quality time for the family and un-bashed romance; unrivaled conference facilities and un- matched incentives.

Within the sanctuaries of her 56 national parks and reserves, Kenya shelters some of the most ancient, fragile and diverse wildlife on earth. The Eden of the planet, her plains and forests offer refuge to the last of the big cats, the world largest herds of elephants, the endangered white and black rhino, and a number of endemic species that occur nowhere else on earth. The custodian of over 80 species of mammal, across her golden savannah gallop the largest herds of migrating plains game ever  seen ;while in the cool depths of her forest live giant hogs that are rarely seen. High in the snows of mount Kenya hunts the elusive golden cat; out in the plains is enacted the endless pageant of life and the death that represents wildlife’s survival of the fittest ;and across the parched painted deserts of the northern frontier lumber leopard tortoises whose ancestry stretches back 245 million years.