Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Besia Oryx Facts

Males and females appear very similar.  In profile, the Oryxs
straight horns gave way to the “unicorn” story and legend.
     One Oryx calf is born after a gestation period of 8 ½ months.
They can survive for up to 22 years.
     Have an extraordinary ability to survive in water less areas, possessing a better water turnover rate than the camel.

     They graze on grasses and browse on acacia during the dry season. Tubers and roots are also dug out, with hooves, to obtain hard to find moisture.
     Allows body temperature to safely rise to 113 degree F, without harm, before beginning cooling down process by panting and sweating.   This temperature would be deadly to many other mammal species.
     The sharp horns of the Oryx are formidable weapons against the attack of lions, hyena and wild dog.
     Herds may number up to 200 animals.

JBA- Safari in Kenya