Thursday, 29 August 2013

Kenya Tour at a Glance

Safari! The word that evokes magical intrigues in the world of travel. So theatrical is the word that its mention stirs a systematic allure of destinations whose experiences are beyond the wildest imaginations. Whether it’s your first safari or a recap of safari experiences, each safari presents unique features with lifelong memories.

You often rise at dawn to savor the pink clouds of tropical sunrise and after a hot cup of tea, grab your camera ready for that best moment in the wilds of Africa. The animals are on move and the wilderness is live with robust activities. The cats are vigilant while the ungulates munch the soft foliage sauced by the morning dew in the vast savannah plains. The bird songs fill the air as the still morning breeze whistle gently through the thickets.

From a distance, a cheetah stalks a young gazelle and suddenly sprints at top speed and after moments of dramatic swerves both gazelle and the cheetah roll and are covered by a thick cloud of white dust beneath the long grass. And when the dust settles, the cheetah emerges with the young gazelle hanging lifelessly on the strong jaws. On the swampy plains, a baby elephant trying to keep up with the herd will make you smile. This they call, ‘an early morning game drive’.
Lake Nakuru National Park

A hearty late breakfast or early lunch awaits you at your lodge or camp followed by an afternoon at leisure as you wait the ideal time for the evening game drive. A hot afternoon in the jungle, the animals rest while the landscape shimmers with a haze of heat.

Over the years, people have been on safari with Kenya Safaris Holiday and they return home with wonderful memories. The golden glance from the eyes of large cats remains with you for a long time and beckon you back to Africa, to live the legend of safari life.

In this spirit, we have prepared this journal with information about the people, places and animals that you may encounter.  There are also blank pages for you to record memories of spectacular sunsets, great stories told around the campfire, and nature as it was meant to be seen.

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