Thursday, 21 March 2013

Saiwa swamp national park

This is the smallest of al the national parks in Kenya, only 3km2 in area and within its boundaries there are no roads for vehicles. It is home to the rare, endangered, semi-aquatic antelope which has webbed feet and spends most of its day half –submerged in water. Other animals to be found in saiwa include various monkeys, otters, genets, serval cat, mongoose, bushbuck and ratels (honey badger).More than370 bird’s species have been recorded there, including the blue headed coucal and Ross’s Turaco. Saiwa has about 9 km of nature trails; 7 km of which is the ‘’Acacia trail’’.
In the park itself ,there is a beautifully situated campsite with water shower blocks and designated places to make a campfire and cook food’s self catering Banda of timber construction ,managed by Kenya wildlifeservice  called ‘’Tree Top House’ may be available. It is raised on wooden ‘’stilts’’ above an area of exposed water and at the edge of the swamp, thus making it an ideal viewing platform. It has a small veranda and a single bedroom with two beds. Alternatively, you might be just a couple of crazy lovers determined to sleep in a swamp. Either way, a stay there will certainly be something to remember.

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