Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Lakes in Kenya

It is the largest of the rift valley lakes covering an area of 6405 square kilometers .The lake is located in the northern –western district part of Kenya about 650 kilometers from Nairobi. It was originally known as Lake Rudolf, a name given by the first European who saw it in 1888.The Lake is a pre historic site and a good place to find out the history of the man.
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Lake logipe is one of the lesser known rift valley lakes located south of lake turkana.
It is a 130 sq kilometer fresh Water Lake located in the semi desert baringo district .A boat trip across the lakes gives opportunity to see vast birdlife, Crocodiles and hippos. Visitors can also enjoy fishing and water sports. There is an also a snake park in the area where you can have a closer look at the reptiles. Nearby is a village of the njemps community where one can experience the culture of the people living around the lake.

It is in the Ngendelel escarpments .Visitors to the lake gets an opportunity to marvel at the hot waters springs and even get to boil eggs or maize, and also see plenty of birdlife and game, including the greater kudu.

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It is located 160 kilometers northwest of Nairobi and only 4 kilometers from nakuru town. It is home to millions of fuchsia pink flamingoes, the fish eating pelicans as well as over 450 other species of birds. It is also a good location of game viewing of the black rhino, the lion, the water buck and antelopes. It is one of the best places to see the leopard as well as the endangered Rothschild giraffe .The national park was gazetted to protect the flamingoes and also provide sanctuary to endangered species like the white and black rhinos.
It is about 30 km from Lake Nakuru.The lake is rich with abundant birdlife and visitors will also get a splendid view of the vast rift valley.
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It is the highest of the rift valley lakes, at 1880 meters above sea level .it is a fresh water lake and home to over 450 species of birds including the African fish eagle.
Lake magadi is 120 kilometers from Nairobi. Temperatures here are very high and from a distance you can see the evaporation of water from the lake that leaves a crust of sodium carbonate that is mined and exported .At Lake magadi you will also have the opportunity to see birdlife that comes to feed on the algae found in the mounds near the lake. Also, the masai people living there will tell you about their culture.