Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The big five of samburu

Kenya as a destination is rich in diversity not only within selected geographical regions but in every corner of the country lay hidden treasures that are attraction for our visitor. In samburu you will discover the big five famous to the region-not the big five you already know; Elephant, Rhino, buffalo, and lion. Samburu has special big five; the gerenuk, the gravy zebra, the reticulated giraffe, the masai ostrich and the beisa Oryx.
Besia Oryx,Samburu Kenya
The scenery here is breathtaking and unlike many arid areas, the place is quite hilly. The terrain is rocky and this only served to make the heat more intense driving animals into hiding. Water spring find around the make this good place for the animals all year round. Ewaso Nyiro River known for its wonderful crocodiles is one of the sources of water throughout the park.

Located through the center of Kenya on a look at the map of Kenya, isiolo has often been referred to as in the northern part of the country whereas is the part of the eastern province. Unlike its neighboring evergreen Meru district, Isiolo marks the start of Kenya’s northeastern area with desert scrub, harsh hot weather conditions and lake Turkana in its midst. Beautiful it sound and is to the eyes of a visitor.
Residents of the town agree that it is a small cosmopolitan town, having outgrown it outpost days and boosts of scenic beauty including wonderful mix of race and cultures.

Reticulated Giraffe,Samburu Kenya
The area is home to some of the Kenya’s communities that have kept their culture and tradition practices to date among them the samburu, rendille, borana and the turkana people. However there is sizable number of resident of Somali origin in the area. This has been attributed to ex-Somali soldier workers settling in isiolo after world war 1.Isiolo is also home to some of the well.

Kept gems in tourism and hospitality but rarely talked about .the region is famous for its large population of elephants, gerenuk, the reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich, grevy zebra, beisa Oryx, lesser kudu and grater kudu.